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Revolutionizing the Deodorant Market

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A recently-developed, unique molecule has just won ICL an innovation award and a medal for ground-breaking advancements which can be used in personal care products.

Many may not be aware of this, but the sweat created by the body’s cooling mechanism is actually odorless. The familiar, unpleasant smell of sweat we all know is in fact the result of perspiration molecules being broken down by bacteria that live on our skin. Thorough maintenance of hygiene assists in removing the bacteria and prevents them from reproducing. This helps prevent the odor of sweat.

The problem of odor caused by perspiration has been bothering humanity for centuries. In the 1940s, the first patent for an anti-perspirant deodorant was registered. This deodorant was made of aluminum salts that shrink or block the ducts through which sweat is secreted, and in this way reduced the secretion of sweat and the odor which comes with its dissolution. In recent years, with the rising trend towards using less harmful materials, there have been more and more voices calling to stop using anti-perspirants, since they block the secretion of sweat which is a natural regulating mechanism that cools the body.

Meirav Abekasis-Wolfowitz (Ph.D.), Head of the Formulations laboratory and the Research and Development of Bromide Compounds laboratory at ICL, explains that the opposition to anti-perspirant deodorants which contain aluminum has been gaining strength in the past few years. There is a claim that anti-perspirant deodorants may cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease as a result of aluminum penetrating the body. However, she also noted that there was no clear scientific evidence for this claim.

The molecule works through a combined mechanism that reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin.

An Advanced Molecule

Cosmetics and care companies have long been investing much effort in establishing production lines based on more natural ingredients, but they are not alone in this. ICL has recognized the global trend against the use of anti-perspirants and decided to adhere to it with the help of the natural properties of magnesia (magnesium oxide). Out of this material, the company developed a natural, friendly molecule that can replace the use of the controversial aluminum salts.

The new and unique molecule developed by ICL — a special mineral based on magnesia — was submitted for patent for its exclusive structure and its use in deodorants. The molecule works through a combined mechanism that reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin while simultaneously absorbing perspiration. This prevents the odor of sweat by using natural minerals that do not cause irritation or other kinds of sensitivity.

The prototype of a deodorant based on the molecule has already been produced and tested in research institutes in several countries. “The results we received were very good,” reveals Abekasis-Wolfowitz, who is heading the project. “We found that more than 90 percent of examinees who tried out the deodorant expressed their satisfaction with it. Two thirds of them had noted that our deodorant was better than the product they were already using on a daily basis. Additionally, 84% have said that the product gives them long-lasting, everyday protection from sweat odor. The product has already been given a name, CareMag D, and ICL has been in touch with world-leading deodorant producers to move onwards with its mass production,” added Abekasis-Wolfowitz.

Innovation in ICL recognized as ground-breaking

At the beginning of 2019, the team that developed the molecule won the prestigious CEO award in ICL Leaders annual competition. Just this April, ICL won a Bronze Medal for it in the In-Cosmetics Global annual event. In-Cosmetics Global is a leading global annual event for personal care ingredients, which takes place in Paris for three days each year. It brings together up to 800 international exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances and other products from up to 9,000 cosmetic manufacturers worldwide. It is the main place for showcasing innovation in ingredients and technologies for professionals in the field. ICL were one of 130 teams around the world presenting their innovative solutions in the personal care ingredients sphere.


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